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The Neural Therapy Research Foundation was created with the firm commitment to shed light on the scientific path that supports what practical experience with thousands of patients has already corroborated. We aspire for neural therapy to be fully integrated into the healthcare system, being accessible to all.

Inspired by the work “Dialogue of Knowledge” by the Colombian physician Julio Cesar Payán de la Roche, we are committed to the scientific validation of neural therapy and regulatory medicine through solid empirical evidence.

Our vision appreciates the complexity of the human body, recognizing that it cannot be simplified to isolated parts. Instead, we understand the human being and the animal as a complex interrelated system that requires a holistic approach. We value the fundamental role of the nervous system in the regulation and management of information that affects our health in a holistic manner.

Our invitation is to challenge pre-established paradigms and explore new horizons. Neural Therapy adopts a holistic perspective, recognizing that the human being and the animal are an entity infinitely more complex than the simple sum of its parts. Together, let us undertake this collective effort to overcome obstacles and discover new possibilities in the field of health.

Neural Therapy Research Foundation: Advancing Neural Therapy

Our commitment is to move from a medicine that diagnoses in parts and focuses on diseases, to a medicine focused on the integrity of people and animals.

Neural therapy establishes a deeper and more personalized connection with each individual. This approach considers your life history, integrates the various parts of your body and pays attention to your mental, emotional, spiritual and social dimensions.

How do we understand the disease?

The disease manifests itself as a loss of balance, not being a mere symptom, but transcending visible signs and symptoms.
Often, we confuse the diagnosis with the disease. When a person is ill, he/she experiences a series of particular symptoms, such as hypertension, elevated blood glucose levels, pain, skin reactions, among others. Therefore, the same person may have several diagnoses, since contemporary medicine tends to assign a specific diagnosis to each manifestation of the disease in the individual.
In Neural Therapy, we approach the disease from a singular and holistic perspective, considering all its dimensions and manifestations in the totality of the individual.

Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy affects the nervous system, helping the autonomic nervous system to restore its natural function of maintaining the balance of our organism.
The nervous system is an extensive network that captures, processes and transmits information, interrelating all organs and tissues, reflecting in our body every emotion and experience.
The autonomic nervous system, acting unconsciously but linked to our consciousness, coordinates essential functions such as heart rate, blood pressure and bowel activity. This system adjusts and modulates each organ according to its requirements, such as the distribution of nutrients through blood circulation, and responds to our emotions. For example, in situations of anxiety, our whole body adapts to that emotion in intensity and nature.
Neural therapy does not directly seek to cure or relieve pain, a symptom or a diagnosis, but rather prioritizes the elimination of blockages and irritations in the autonomic nervous system, allowing it to resume its natural function of organic and emotional regulation. As a result, symptoms of pain or illness may be alleviated or remitted.

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At the Neural Therapy Research Foundation, our mission is to promote research and development in Neural Therapy in order to transform the approach to health problems. By conducting rigorous scientific research and establishing strategic alliances, we aim to promote a global and personalized approach to human and animal welfare. Our mission is to create a body of solid scientific evidence that supports the benefits of Neural Therapy, and to make it accessible to those who need it most within the health systems. Together, we can open up new possibilities in the field of health and improve the quality of life of many people.

We invite you to get to know the Foundation, to learn about our activities and research, and to actively collaborate with us.

We are deeply grateful for your support, as it is a cornerstone to further advance our mission to improve the health and well-being of all.

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The Neural Therapy Research Foundation

We are committed to enriching lives through Neural Therapy research, believe in its transformative potential in health and seek to innovate and expand its horizons.

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Through rigorous scientific studies, in-depth analysis and collaboration with experts, we seek to strengthen and validate the benefits of Neural Therapy.

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