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Julio César Payán

Neural Therapy Research Foundation

The origin of our Foundation lies in the commitment and passion of Dr. David Vinyes. In 2019, after 26 years dedicated to working neural therapy and 20 years training health professionals in this modality, Dr. Vinyes felt the need to consolidate the accumulated experience into solid scientific research. To that end, he promoted the creation of the Foundation so that neural therapy, backed by evidence, could benefit people and animals around the world.

Recently graduated in Medicine at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, the young Dr. Vinyes crossed paths with Dr. Julio César Payán de la Roche, a Colombian gynecologist and international reference in neural therapy during a course he gave in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) in 1993. Dr. Payán’s humanistic and holistic vision, combined with the efficacy of neural therapy captivated Dr. Vinyes, prompting him to begin his journey in this field.

Dr. Payán chose to resign from prestigious academic and medical positions to devote himself fully to neural therapy. He received in 2014 the Eminent Professor Medal from the University of Cauca in Colombia, a recognition of his work in the dissemination of this therapy.

The legacy of neural therapy in Colombia was introduced by the gynecologist Dr. Germán Duque Mejía, who learned directly from Dr. Peter Dosch in Germany. The latter, a key figure in the dissemination and teaching of this therapy, continued the work initiated by the German physician brothers Walter and Ferdinand Huneke. These pioneers laid the foundations of neural therapy in a historical context in which European physicians and surgeons were exploring the therapeutic use of local anesthetics, specifically procaine, since its synthesis in 1905 by the German chemist Alfred Einhorn.

Alfred Einhorn
Inventor of procaine

The creation of the NTRF

In 1996, a trip took David Vinyes to Popayán, Colombia, where he deepened his learning under the tutelage of his teacher. It wasn’t long before he began sharing this knowledge, offering courses to a diverse group of professionals, from doctors and dentists to nurses and veterinarians.

In 2003, under his direction, the Postgraduate course in Neural Therapy and Neurofocal Dentistry of the Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu (Universitat de Barcelona) was started. Only three years later, this program evolved into the Master in Medical and Dental Neural Therapy, which later became a degree of the University of Barcelona itself. Since then, 700 health professionals from 25 countries have been trained thanks to the commitment of a whole team of neuraltherapists such as Montserrat Matamala, Josep Maria Pujol and Montserrat Muñoz, from Barcelona; Marcos Pérez, from Navarra; Jorge Petta and Fernando Córdoba, from Colombia; and Cristina Gerascoff, from Uruguay.among many others.

While medical societies in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Colombia were at the forefront of neural therapy training and research in the 20th century, in recent years Turkey has been the leader in research and scientific publications, thanks to the work of the Dr. Hüseyin Nazlikul, president of Turkish Neural Therapy Association and IFMANT.

Inspired by this vision and with the support of Teresa García, Montse Muñoz, Javier Delgado and the invaluable encouragement of Julio César Payán (who agreed to become a founding member of the NTRF a year before his death in 2020), the foundation was established. Its main objective: to conduct research that scientifically supports what so many professionals have observed in practice with neural therapy.

Today, the march towards greater understanding and dissemination of neural therapy depends on committed people, people like you.

Walter Huneke

Germán Duque Mejíaand Ernest Adler


Ferdinand Huneke

Initial donations from 95 individuals and 7 entities, from 13 different nationalities, were the cornerstone for the creation of the Neural Therapy Research Foundation. Your generosity has been our seed. And for them is our special thanks.

The generous seed that made it possible

Initial donations from 95 individuals and 7 entities, from 13 different nationalities, were the cornerstone for the creation of the Neural Therapy Research Foundation. Your generosity has been our seed. And for them is our special thanks.

Honorary Member:

Julio César Payán de la Roche

Those who made possible the beginning of the Foundation with their contribution


Adriana Mazo Rios
Anabel Castaño Fernandez
Andrea Nassar Tobón
Andrés Ursa Herguedas
Antonio Chamero Pastilla
Antonio Lara García
Antonio Ritto
Araceli Abilla Lumbiarres
Carme Raubert Freixes
Carme Unyó Sallent
Cecilia Tufro Trebino
Claudia Espinosa Castillo
Concepción Revilla Villegas
Cristina Garcia Sanchez-Puerta
Daniela Passani Kruppa
David Vinyes Casajoana
Dolores Barata Caballero
Domingo Obradors Giró
Eduardo Alvarez Fischer
Eldin Pinto Solano
Eloi Funtané Vendrell
Estefania Sanchez
Esther Rodríguez Gil
Etienne Claudet Danus

Eulàlia Escolà Grau
Eulàlia Rovira Orriols
Eva Llach Gelpi
Javier Delgado Lopategui
Francisco Vidal Deltell
Franco Donati
Fulvia Pascoa Destro
Gemma Mayor Subirana
Giorgio Romani
Glòria González Campos
Guadalupe González Rivas
Inés Allones Aramburu
Irene Diaz Martinez
Jesus Porras Mendoza
Jon Izaguirre Casado
Jordi Macarulla Obis
Jordi Vinyes Casajoana
Josep Pérez Sánchez
Josep M Pujol Abella
Josep Vergara Galán
Juanma Marín Mesa
Juan V Retamal García
Judith Cerqueda Doncel
Judith Cuspinera Viñas

Julieta Moras
Julio Adaros Moraga
Julio César Payán de la Roche
Lucía Zamora Delmás
Ivan Coral Loza
Lucjanna Mionskowska
Luis Ortiz De Zarate
Luján Comas Arroyo
Mar López Sala
Marcos Pérez Abendaño
Marga Sirvent Monerris
Angels Marín Oñate
Claudia Urrutia Manriquez
Cristina Sánchez Iglesias
Mar Canet Gonzalez
Eloisa Cucalon Irache
Maria Josep Roca Tugas
Mariana Cuevas Portilla
Maura Kawano Hokama
Michael Gurevich
Miriam Naranjo Alonso
Modesto Rey Novoa
Montserrat Matamala Cura
Montserrat Muñoz Sellart

Montserrat Noguera Fusellas
Nerea Gabirondo Irastorza
Norbert Montané Pamies
Núria García Porras
Olga Loriz Peralta
Pablo Baudino Giménez
Padma Solanas Noguera
Patricia Madrigal Fernández
Patricia Dolcet Romeo
Rafael Santamaría Sarazibar
Rafael Vicuña Squella
Rosa Claret Arimany
Rosa Evangelio Chumillas
Rosa Palomares Arroyo
Sandra Constán Sabater
Santiago Font Riambau
Sergio Delgado Matute
Susana Núñez Vázquez
Teresa Flores Fraile
Teresa Garcia Caballero
Viviana Grahit Vidosa
Viviane Demarchi
Ximena Fava


Institut de Teràpia Neural i Medicina Reguladora, SLP
Beltran and Obradors Clinic
Institute of Neural Therapy, S.L.
Etienne Claudet Clinic
Integrative Medicine Girona SCP
Medical Association of Neural Therapy 2014


Andorra, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Spain, the United States and the United States.

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